Quicklinks: Braille, OOo Draw workaround for PDF, and a convert discusses why he uses OOo

I don't usually post as many links posts within a week, however these are too good to miss! Enjoy! odt2Braille - The release of odt2braille by the Belgian university Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, has brought the ability to work with Braille to OpenOffice.org. The extension adds a "Braille" menu to OpenOffice.org's Writer which allows users to translate documents into Braille formats such as … [Read more...]

Alternative for Find and Replace in Writer – replace paragraph marks, and much, much more!

Thanks to Solveig Haugland, who has posted about this Fantastic OpenOffice.org Writer extension for searching and replacing carriage returns (two in a row, etc.) with regular expressions, plus much much more. I've installed it, and my days of copying chunks of text to my text editor to do this is over. (I used to cut and paste to text editor as it was faster and easier for me than the regular … [Read more...]