From a Reader: How to Install Templates?

Hello Stephanie, I am using LibreOffice 3 which came with Ubuntu 11.04. I am also new to OpenSource. I would like to use new templates that I have found on and on your site, but can not figure out where to load the Templates or how to get them into the Template section. I know this might be a simple task, but I am totally lost as to how to get this done. Regards, J A K … [Read more...]

5 Freaky Downloads for Weekend Projects [OpenOffice for Halloween]

Mazon affiliate: Halloween Tricks and Treats (Better Homes & Gardens Crafts) Some downloads in preparation for the Halloween weekend. Get your freak on and put those finishing touches on your Halloween projects with the following downloads. Happy Halloween Address Labels - from the Template Repository. I thought they were really cute! These could also be re-purposed into name stickers in … [Read more...]

Hey Students! Need a free report and essay template? [Free download]

One of the cool things about OpenOffice is that it is a free, full-featured office productivity software, and this can be really appealing for students, who are often on a limited budget. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when putting together a report or essay, so I have put together this template to assist students in getting started on writing. This should hopefully … [Read more...]

Find-A-Word Template [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This one is a little frivolous, and not too fancy, but a teacher friend of mine asked if I had one of these, so here is a link to the template I use. Hope it's useful! Word-Search Find-a-Word Template (ods) … [Read more...]

Mountain Views – Free Impress Presentation

We had a poll on this site, and 68% said they wanted more Impress Presentations. As a result, I have put together this presentation - Mountain Views. Please also note that I have consolidated all my free Impress Templates on to a single page - check out the Free OpenOffice Impress Template page. Download the Mountain Views Impress Template ODP File … [Read more...]

New OpenOffice Impress Template

A new template from a photo that I took recently. I hope it's useful/appealing to some. Update: I am starting to add more templates. You can view and download other free templates here. … [Read more...]

Impress Template – Change of Color

'This template is a simple change of colour from the OpenOffice Dark Blue with Orange template. This is Dark Grey with Lime Green. It is nothing fancy, just a change of colour that I did for a friend. Hope you get some use out of it. Dark Grey with Lime Green Impress Presentation Dark Grey with Lime Green Impress Template File … [Read more...]

Invoice Template [Templates for OpenOffice Calc]

I have been asked by a client to send them a generic invoice template. I have put together the template below, which is designed for services (it doesn''t include a ''ship to''), and is very simple. Additionally, the Totals are all calculated automatically, and the formulae in Column H should not be changed if you wish the quantity x unit price to be automatically calculated for each row. If … [Read more...]

Template Guides in OpenOffice

One of the main attractions of MS Office is the templates that are available. MS Office templates do mostly work in OpenOffice, however sometimes we do get some disappointing results, and often we don''t want to have to worry about trying to fit a MS template into an OpenOffice program in a short period of time - templates are designed to give us quick results. I have done a quick scout around … [Read more...]