FAQ: How to Show Column A in LibreOffice Calc

I recently had a comment in response to FAQ: How to hide columns in OpenOffice.org Calc [Show / Hide] and decided to answer it with a video. It details two methods: A method in which you can show (unhide) all columns (this can be applied to rows), and  A method for unhiding column A alone   … [Read more...]

FAQ: How to hide columns in OpenOffice.org Calc [Show / Hide]

Amazon afiliate: OpenOffice.org Calc Functions and Formulas Tips.: Essential OpenOffice.org Calc Skills In OpenOffice and NeoOffice, you can show and hide rows and columns. This is useful as you may want the data to be included in the sheet, however you may not necessarily want all the data viewable. Note that this does NOT delete the data. It merely hides the column. Hiding a Column To … [Read more...]