Making Search Relevant and Recent (Getting Help that Helps!)

Often, when people search for information on the web, they put search terms into Google and click search. This is especially relevant to searching for solutions to software problems as you want the solution to apply to the version of software that you currently have (if you have the most up-to-date version). Unfortunately, this general search method gives you a very large selection of web pages … [Read more...]

How do I search with a Wildcard in OpenOffice? [Ctrl-F]

Recently I was asked about wildcard searches in OpenOffice - MS Office allows this through the use of Ctrl-F and using the asterisk sign to replace any values inbetween. Eg. To find,,, in MS office is ctrl+f, then type in the words "http://g*.com". For OpenOffice it is very similar. To find,, … [Read more...]