Why this is probably the best spreadsheet Gantt Chart Template you’ll find this year [Project Management with OpenOffice & Excel]

Amazon affiliate link: Introduction to Project Management Hubby hit me with a request for a Gantt chart in Excel this week, which is OK. I can colour the background of cells with the best of them! But then I decided to turn this into a project where you get Excel and OpenOffice templates to use, free! As I was putting it together, however, I was starting to wonder if there was a way … [Read more...]

Other Open Source Software: OpenProj [Free Project Management Software]

Amazon affiliate: OpenProj: The OpenSource Solution for Managing Your Projects For those that love Open Source software - and OpenOffice is just one of many free Open Source software alternatives out there - you might find that you need project management software to produce Gantt Charts. If that's the case, then try OpenProj. It is a very useful alternative to Microsoft Project, free, … [Read more...]