An introduction to “Page Styles” in Writer [Video Demonstration]

Often long documents are created in Writer, and these often have complex formatting. They consist of design elements such as text, objects, paragraphs, characters, tables, etc. One of these design elements are pages. Pages have different properties compared to paragraphs and text, e.g. size and width, margins etc. From Writer's point of view these properties make up an “instruction set” for … [Read more...]

Setting Page Margins in OOo, NeoOffice [Draw, Writer]

When creating a book layout in Writer using Page Styles, sometimes it looks quite nice when you have a solid colour or graphic in the background, and a white border around the edge of the page. This exports quite nicely to PDF. To achieve this look, simply go Format >> Page and edit the page margins to achieve the desired thickness. You can even only adjust one or two sides to get … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Creating a Book Layout in OOo Writer Using Page Styles

This is my first attempt at a video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic book layout using Page Styles. Any positive suggestions for improvements are appreciated - please contribute in the comments section. A template is available for download - see the information below. Download >> View the download... To download the file, you will need to be a registered member of … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do I add a full page background image? [OpenOffice Writer]

I have a personal goal to put together about 15-20 recipes that can be made using a core set of ingredients that I can keep in the pantry and fridge. I have aimed for such a large number so that I can avoid me and my dearest being bored with food, ensuring we don't resort to take-away and continue to eat in a healthy way. I've only just started collecting the recipes, but the idea of translating … [Read more...]