3.2 – Guide to Programming in OOo Basic [How-to Guide]

The guide linked below provides an introduction to programming with Basic. It includes examples to help you quickly develop your own Basic programs. It is recommended in the preface that you have a familiarity with other programming languages, however it does start with some very basic examples, so anyone familiar with writing macros in MS Office or other suites … [Read more...]

Quicklinks – Password protection, Excel tables, structured references and Macros in OpenOffice [Roundup]

Obviously I'm not the online blogger in the OpenOffice world, and there have been some good updates from around the web this week, so I thought I would share these with you all. I hope they are useful to you. How to password protect a Open Office document This highlights which boxes to tick int he Save As... dialog box. Excel tables, structured references and OpenOffice Structured … [Read more...]

OpenOffice Macros – Goovy! [Just like Microsoft]

One of the reasons that users stick to MS Office is because of the Macro capability. I have just read over on Life Hacker that there is a FREE plugin available that, once installed, will allow you to record and run Macros in OpenOffice. Check out the article on Groovy at LifeHacker. Read more about Groovy at the official site, and once you have installed the extension, you can open this ODT … [Read more...]