An introduction to “Page Styles” in Writer [Video Demonstration]

Often long documents are created in Writer, and these often have complex formatting. They consist of design elements such as text, objects, paragraphs, characters, tables, etc. One of these design elements are pages. Pages have different properties compared to paragraphs and text, e.g. size and width, margins etc. From Writer's point of view these properties make up an “instruction set” for … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do print ranges and scaling modes work together in OOo Calc?

Amazon affiliate: Open Office .org 3 WRITER Guide: 3.0, 548 pages Recently I had a colleague that wanted to define multiple print ranges on a sheet, and have each separate range print out and fit one to page. I've put together a tutorial for this below, and please note the behaviour of the scaling with the print ranges under Step 4. Step 1 - Define the first range Click and … [Read more...]