Spell Checker Issue in Word [Mac versions of Office 2011]

There seems to be a spell checker issue in Word where the following error is reported. On my Mac, this happens most often when I open a file that did not originate from MS Word 2011. If I create a document in MS Word 2011, and leave spell and grammar checks enabled for "as you type" (see below on how to disable this), then I do not get an error. If you do not disable the options below, … [Read more...]

10 Reasons why you should use OpenOffice.org

It's Free. That in itself could be enough for most people. You can download it free from www.openoffice.org Free updates and versions. Major and minor updates, upgrades and versions are also free. Gotta love that! OpenOffice can run on older machines. This means that you don't necessarily to upgrade your computer in order to run an up-to-date office productivity program. If your office has … [Read more...]

Open OpenOffice Files in MS Office [the Dark Side]

Sometimes we need to do it -  sometimes we've sent that file from home in ODP format and we have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on our office computer. It's time sensitive and we need to open it NOW! You can install OpenOffice.org, but that pesky systems admin person won't let you. Another option is to install the OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in for Office. Systems admin is probably going to … [Read more...]