How to Insert Images in your Office Software [Mac, Microsoft & Open Source]

Pages and pages of text is boring, and often the easiest way to add interest to your document is to insert images. If you are using a template, then there usually are images inserted already, however for those that are designing documents from scratch, the following details how to insert images into your documents for the major office suites. / NeoOffice / LibreOffice Writer To … [Read more...]

Edit Background Images in OpenOffice Writer [Wrap -> In Background]

As the title of this post suggests, it's quite easy to put an image in the background of a document. Right mouse click on the image, and select Wrap --> In Background. However, I was stumped when I was trying to access and manipulate the file after I had sent it to the back. Thanks to Solveig Haugland who reminded me that you just need to right mouse button click on the image in … [Read more...]