How to Insert Images in your Office Software [Mac, Microsoft & Open Source]

Pages and pages of text is boring, and often the easiest way to add interest to your document is to insert images. If you are using a template, then there usually are images inserted already, however for those that are designing documents from scratch, the following details how to insert images into your documents for the major office suites. / NeoOffice / LibreOffice Writer To … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do I add a full page background image? [OpenOffice Writer]

I have a personal goal to put together about 15-20 recipes that can be made using a core set of ingredients that I can keep in the pantry and fridge. I have aimed for such a large number so that I can avoid me and my dearest being bored with food, ensuring we don't resort to take-away and continue to eat in a healthy way. I've only just started collecting the recipes, but the idea of translating … [Read more...]