Freezing or Unfreezing Rows in Google Docs Spreadsheets

You can freeze up to ten rows or five columns in any particular sheet in Google Spreadsheets. Freezing Columns and Rows Go to the View menu. Then, point your mouse to Freeze rows... or Freeze columns.... Select one of the options. When you scroll, you'll notice the frozen row(s) or column(s). Unfreezing Columns and Rows Go to the View menu. Then, point your mouse to Freeze … [Read more...]

Updates for Google Docs

For all that I love office productivity software, I love it in the cloud as well. In my opinion, Google Docs is a great, free offering for simple office productivity software in the cloud. I keep a couple of personal spreadsheets that I update and share with my husband, and I love the online forms capability that comes standard with the spreadsheets offering and use them with a few … [Read more...]

Transitioning Google Apps [Manage Conflicting Accounts]

I know quite a few people that are going through a little bit of pain at the moment with conflicting accounts on the Google Apps for domains transmission. I also know this is not normally an Office software problem, however I have enough users that use Google Docs and other Google services (like Google Groups and Youtube), that this has become an issue that warrants a solution. If you have no … [Read more...]

Opening & Converting OpenOffice Documents

I understand if you don't wish to install another piece of software on your computer - or perhaps you have OpenOffice at home and Word or Excel at work and forgot to convert that important file before you emailed it to yourself. If you have a gmail account, or a google apps account, you can use Google Documents to convert the file for you (provided your company doesn't have a firewall that … [Read more...]