What is line spacing and how can you set it? [Writer, Word & Pages]

A fair definition of line spacing comes from Microsoft: Line spacing determines the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph. By default, lines are single-spaced, meaning that the spacing accommodates the largest font in that line, plus a small amount of extra space. If a line contains a large text character or graphic, Publisher increases the spacing for that line. To … [Read more...]

How to add a curved heading to your Writer Document

Sometimes it's nice to have a curved heading instead of a straight line in your writer document. The curved heading could be in the form of a semi-circle, an arc (or arch). This could curve left or right, depending on how you want your heading formatted. All this is possible in OpenOffice.org Writer, or LibreOffice Writer. This video tutorial is designed to show you quickly and simply how to … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Formatting Your School Assignment – just like THEY asked!

It's the pain that a large number of students share: you've received your assignment brief from your school/institution and the content you can write... no problem. But that pesky formatting!!! What is “12-point font”? What does “double line spacing” mean? Some schools even impose penalties (deduct marks) if you don't get this right! This guide has been put together with the aim of removing some … [Read more...]

Setting Page Margins in OOo, NeoOffice [Draw, Writer]

When creating a book layout in Writer using Page Styles, sometimes it looks quite nice when you have a solid colour or graphic in the background, and a white border around the edge of the page. This exports quite nicely to PDF. To achieve this look, simply go Format >> Page and edit the page margins to achieve the desired thickness. You can even only adjust one or two sides to get … [Read more...]

Quick Superscript and Subscript in NeoOffice, OpenOffice.org Writer [for footnotes, squared, cubed, etc]

Amazon Affiliate: How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit: Your Guide to Writing and Publishing Books, E-Books, Articles, Special Reports, Audio Programs, DVDs, and Other How-To Content When you are trying to square or cube something (perhaps you're quoting cubit feet or cubic metres for a client, or looking at floor space), or adding footnotes for a thesis or writing … [Read more...]

Changing the Default Size of your Document [OpenOffice Writer]

Living outside of the US means that I use A4 paper. OpenOffice Writer documents usually default to Letter sized paper. To change the size of your paper to A4, use the steps below. If you want to change the default paper size, then perform the steps below and keep reading further. Changing the page size of your document First, open a new Writer document. Then from the Format menu, … [Read more...]

Stylin’ in OpenOffice [Formatting for Calc and Writer]

A lot of people think that most word-processing applications like Writer and its competition, are just like typewriters, with basic formatting like bold and underlining. This is OK for starting the document, but if it's something that may require a format change in the future, then it could be a long and painful process. Fortunately, over at World Label, they've put together some basic … [Read more...]

Forcing Line Breaks in Table of Contents

I recently saw a question regarding line breaks in the table of contents - OpenOffice does not allow you to edit a table of contents except through styles. Sometimes the way that long headings are formatted might not be what you desire. One thing to note about the TOC is that the line breaks that you insert in the heading itself will be reflected in the TOC. Example: Putting in a manual … [Read more...]

FAQ: Is there a Format Painter in OpenOffice?

Yes there is and it can be applied in most of the OpenOffice applications. I am demonstrating it in Writer below, however the same steps are applied to cells in Calc. 1. Highlight the area from which you wish to copy the format from. 2. Click on the format painter icon in the toolbar. 3. When the mouse looks like a paint bucket, highlight the text to which you want to apply the … [Read more...]

Good Documentation and Instructions – OpenOffice Writer

There are a number of good how-to guides out there which detail explicit instructions and information on how to create different projects in OpenOffice. I have included a list of some of them here: How to Write a Thesis in OpenOffice [PDF] This is not only good for a thesis, but for any general writing (especially for academic use, like assignments and reports). How to Work with Sections … [Read more...]