Quicklinks: Braille, OOo Draw workaround for PDF, and a convert discusses why he uses OOo

I don't usually post as many links posts within a week, however these are too good to miss! Enjoy! odt2Braille - The release of odt2braille by the Belgian university Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, has brought the ability to work with Braille to OpenOffice.org. The extension adds a "Braille" menu to OpenOffice.org's Writer which allows users to translate documents into Braille formats such as … [Read more...]

5 Links to enhance your OpenOffice.org Experience

The following links should be useful if you wish to extend the functionality of your OpenOffice install. To install OO.o 3.2.1 version under Ubuntu, Muktware has these instructions...  Read More » Solveig Haugland comes to the rescue with OpenOffice.org clipart - It's nice to be able to just pull clip art from within the program. Some users find it difficult to navigate a file system, which … [Read more...]