How to Compress your PDF files [, NeoOffice & LibreOffice]

I am currently spending a lot of time working on Macs, and one of the beautiful things about Macs is that the export to PDF function has been available for AGES as part of the print process. Usually in Windows you have to install something like Bullzip or Primo PDF (I prefer Primo PDF as it has the capability to append files to existing PDFs). One of the options that is not available in the … [Read more...]

Specifying the Default Magnification in Exported PDFs [OOo, LibreOffice, NeoOffice]

To set the default zoom for PDF documents, use File > Export as PDF... and select the "Initial View" Tab (see the screen shot below). On this tab, you can set the desired magnification (zoom) for your PDF. A Note on Default Zoom It has been noted that default zoom settings perform differently depending on the operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc) and the software used to open the … [Read more...]

Quicklinks: Braille, OOo Draw workaround for PDF, and a convert discusses why he uses OOo

I don't usually post as many links posts within a week, however these are too good to miss! Enjoy! odt2Braille - The release of odt2braille by the Belgian university Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, has brought the ability to work with Braille to The extension adds a "Braille" menu to's Writer which allows users to translate documents into Braille formats such as … [Read more...]