New Line in Excel [Mac, Windows]

Quick tip: Usually when you hit the Enter key in Excel (Microsoft), it goes to the next cell. In Windows, you can hit Alt + Enter to get a new line without going to the next cell. In a Mac, you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Enter. … [Read more...]

Question: Why does the header row keep moving when I sort?

In a previous post I have answered a question about sorting lists in Calc. This usually has no problems, but every now and then an occasion occurs where Calc doesn't recognise that the first row is a header row. To deal with this, in Step 3 of the previous tutorial you need to click on the Options tab and ensure that the "Range contains column labels" tick box is checked (or … [Read more...]

OpenOffice Calc Shortcuts [and differences with Microsoft Excel]

A great deal of people using spreadsheets love using keyboard shortcuts. Here are some selected Excel and Calc default keyboard shortcuts - and the difference in accessing the related functions. Below are some additional shortcut keys that are useful in Calc. Function Excel Shortcut Calc Shortcut Rearranges the relative or absolute references (for example, A1, $A$1, $A1, A$1) in the input … [Read more...]