, LibreOffice & NeoOffice on Mac Lion OSX – Part 2

Note: For those that don't have a Mac, we'll be back to regular programming shortly. :) On Thursday I did a quick take on what my experience was on, LibreOffice and NeoOffice after installing Mac OSX Lion. There is a website that can assist you in identifying programs that work with Lion OSX - including our favourites! … [Read more...], LibreOffice & NeoOffice on Mac Lion OSX

Today I decided to bite the bullet and install the new Lion OSX on my Macs. So far so good, however when you do the upgrade and if you use an Open Source Office software product, I suggest that you immediately open them after the installation of Lion and go through any recommended upgrades. … [Read more...]

Open OpenOffice Files in MS Office [the Dark Side]

Sometimes we need to do it -  sometimes we've sent that file from home in ODP format and we have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on our office computer. It's time sensitive and we need to open it NOW! You can install, but that pesky systems admin person won't let you. Another option is to install the OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in for Office. Systems admin is probably going to … [Read more...]