Hide Zero Values in LibreOffice Calc and Excel

Sometimes you don't want the zero values to show in your spreadsheet. Different Office programs can handle this in different ways. Below are some examples. Do you have any way that you remove zeros from your spreadsheets? If so, please feel free to contribute in the comments section below. OpenOffice / LibreOffice OpenOffice / LibreOffice has the option to hide the zero values … [Read more...]

Setting Delimiters when opening a CSV File (OpenOffice Calc)

I had a question recently concerning the opening of CSV files in OpenOffice. Sometimes when we open CSV files, they open in Calc by default, and the Text Import window doesn't appear. If this is the case for you, and the data is not being sorted into columns in a format you are happy with, then close the file and go to File >> Open. Then select the CSV file and the following window … [Read more...]

Question: Why does the header row keep moving when I sort?

In a previous post I have answered a question about sorting lists in OpenOffice.org Calc. This usually has no problems, but every now and then an occasion occurs where Calc doesn't recognise that the first row is a header row. To deal with this, in Step 3 of the previous tutorial you need to click on the Options tab and ensure that the "Range contains column labels" tick box is checked (or … [Read more...]

How to Remove Duplicate Rows in Calc [OOo, LibreOffice & NeoOffice]

There is no automatic function to remove duplicate rows in Calc. In order to remove duplicate rows you need to perform some comparison tests. This tutorial will show you how to sort the data compare the data remove the duplicate rows There is a tutorial here that will show you how to check for duplicates on a single column value, however often we need to compare for more than one value … [Read more...]

FAQ: Locking/Freezing Heading Rows in OpenOffice Calc [and Freezing Columns, too!]

Amazon affiliate: Beginning OpenOffice Calc: From Setting Up Simple Spreadsheets to Business Forecasting Let's say you have a number of rows of data, and you need to be able to scroll or search up and down them, but whenever you do, you lose sight of the headings. These instructions work for Calc in both OpenOffice.org AND NeoOffice. In order to freeze the header rows so that they don't … [Read more...]

FAQ: How to sort lists in OpenOffice.org Calc

I addressed sorting in OpenOffice Writer in a previous post, and have since had a request for a tutorial on sorting in Calc, so here it goes. Step 1 Select the entire data range that you want to sort. This includes all the columns that have data that need to be kept in line with the column that you want to sort. Include the headers of the column as well, as OpenOffice will pick these up as … [Read more...]

Is your invoice template dull? [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This is a green and cheerful invoice template that does all the automatic calculations for you. Information in the top of the invoice is echoed in the payment slip. You will need to customise by: Adding company information (name, address, phone) Adding payment information in the payment slip at the bottom Download >> View the download... To download the file, you will … [Read more...]

Calc can be used as a Simple Database [OpenOffice Calc]

For those interested in using Calc as a simple database, there is a simple step-by-step tutorial available to show you how. From the tutorial: A Calc document is a very capable database, providing sufficient functionality to satisfy the needs of many users. This chapter presents the capabilities of a Calc document that make it suitable as a database tool. Where applicable, the functionality is … [Read more...]

Autofill in Excel is AutoInput in OpenOffice [OpenOffice Calc]

If you are looking for the feature in OpenOffice Calc that automatically fills in cell values based on previously entered values in the same column, this is something that is called AutoInput in OpenOffice Calc. In Microsoft Office Excel, this is called AutoFill. You can see this in action here: In the above illustration, I only type the 'P' and the rest of the word Pears is filled in for … [Read more...]

OpenOffice Guide for Calc [Spreadsheet Manual]

In addition to the guides for Writer and Impress, there is also a downloadable manual for OpenOffice Calc. Download the 516-page guide for OpenOffice Calc from Scribd. … [Read more...]