Turning off Capitalisation in Impress and Writer [OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice and NeoOffice]

I was recently reading through a tutorial and noticed that the writer (Akkana) was frustrated with the auto-capitalisation at the beginning of sentences in OpenOffice.org Impress. Turning this feature off is relatively simple, however you need to do it in each of the programs to ensure it is applied to both Writer and Impress. I've also included links for those wanting to do this in … [Read more...]

Autofill in Excel is AutoInput in OpenOffice [OpenOffice Calc]

If you are looking for the feature in OpenOffice Calc that automatically fills in cell values based on previously entered values in the same column, this is something that is called AutoInput in OpenOffice Calc. In Microsoft Office Excel, this is called AutoFill. You can see this in action here: In the above illustration, I only type the 'P' and the rest of the word Pears is filled in for … [Read more...]