6 Sigma Presentation Layout [LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice]

I've put together this 6 sigma presentation layout for free download and use in Impress. ** UPDATE - now with a Microsoft Powerpoint version. … [Read more...]

From a Reader: How to Install Templates?

Hello Stephanie, I am using LibreOffice 3 which came with Ubuntu 11.04. I am also new to OpenSource. I would like to use new templates that I have found on OpenOffice.org and on your site, but can not figure out where to load the Templates or how to get them into the Template section. I know this might be a simple task, but I am totally lost as to how to get this done. Regards, J A K … [Read more...]

Useful Tutorial – How to Print an A5 Booklet with 4 or 8 pages

Quick update: Pop over to the OpenOffice.org template site to download a tutorial on printing an A5 booklet, allowing you to create the document in A4, but noting that it will reduce to A5 when printing. … [Read more...]

Free Download – 2011 Planning Chart

Amazon Affiliate: 2011 Monster Grid Calendar It's the tail end of the year and we start to plan for the upcoming year. This is a free 2011 planner template for you to download, allowing you to plan out the whole year at a glance. There are a few downloadable ods (spreadsheet) planners available including a plain, empty one, and ones with Singapore, Malaysia and Australian (federal) public … [Read more...]

Cover Letter Template for OpenOffice.org Writer

Amazon affiliate: Gallery of Best Cover Letters: Collection of Quality Cover Letters by Professional Resume Writers This is just a short post as this was an adaptation from a cover letter on the Powerful Sample Resume Formats website. Unfortunately the doc version was not able to be downloaded due to a broken link, so I have quickly converted this to an OOo Writer document for use by a friend. … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Creating a Book Layout in OOo Writer Using Page Styles

This is my first attempt at a video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic book layout using Page Styles. Any positive suggestions for improvements are appreciated - please contribute in the comments section. A template is available for download - see the information below. Download >> View the download... To download the file, you will need to be a registered member of … [Read more...]

Hey Students! Need a free report and essay template? [Free download]

One of the cool things about OpenOffice is that it is a free, full-featured office productivity software, and this can be really appealing for students, who are often on a limited budget. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when putting together a report or essay, so I have put together this template to assist students in getting started on writing. This should hopefully … [Read more...]

Is your invoice template dull? [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This is a green and cheerful invoice template that does all the automatic calculations for you. Information in the top of the invoice is echoed in the payment slip. You will need to customise by: Adding company information (name, address, phone) Adding payment information in the payment slip at the bottom Download >> View the download... To download the file, you will … [Read more...]

Find-A-Word Template [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This one is a little frivolous, and not too fancy, but a teacher friend of mine asked if I had one of these, so here is a link to the template I use. Hope it's useful! Word-Search Find-a-Word Template (ods) … [Read more...]

Impress Presentation Template – Minimalist

I have made another Impress Presentation Template - Minimalist - which features a folder icon in the bottom right hand corner, and is designed using the Comic Sans font. Download the Minimalist presentation template here. … [Read more...]