6 Sigma Presentation Layout [LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice]

I've put together this 6 sigma presentation layout for free download and use in Impress. ** UPDATE - now with a Microsoft Powerpoint version. … [Read more...]

Turning off Capitalisation in Impress and Writer [OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice and NeoOffice]

I was recently reading through a tutorial and noticed that the writer (Akkana) was frustrated with the auto-capitalisation at the beginning of sentences in OpenOffice.org Impress. Turning this feature off is relatively simple, however you need to do it in each of the programs to ensure it is applied to both Writer and Impress. I've also included links for those wanting to do this in … [Read more...]

OpenOffice.org 3.2 – Guide to Programming in OOo Basic [How-to Guide]

The guide linked below provides an introduction to programming with OpenOffice.org Basic. It includes examples to help you quickly develop your own OpenOffice.org Basic programs. It is recommended in the preface that you have a familiarity with other programming languages, however it does start with some very basic examples, so anyone familiar with writing macros in MS Office or other suites … [Read more...]

Changing Units of Measure in OpenOffice [inches to cm]

Living in a metric society, it is much more convenient to have OpenOffice talking to me in metric measurements, rather than in empirical measurements. So I had fiddled with locals and other such measurements, however this did not seem to change the values presented when I clicked on Format --> Page. To do this, I followed the steps below: Open OpenOffice Writer Click on Tools --> … [Read more...]

Impress Presentation Template – Minimalist

I have made another Impress Presentation Template - Minimalist - which features a folder icon in the bottom right hand corner, and is designed using the Comic Sans font. Download the Minimalist presentation template here. … [Read more...]

OpenOffice Manual – Guide for Impress [Presentation Powerpoint Guide]

Following on from last week's post, OpenOffice also has a Guide for Impress. Download the 292-page guide for OpenOffice Impress from Scribd. … [Read more...]

New Template – Church [OpenOffice Impress]

Here is a template based on a church in India - Our Lady of Vailankanni. Keeping it clean and neat, this photo with its clear, crisp skies allows your audience's focus to be on your content. [Download the Church Template here] And also check out this slightly different version 2: [Download the Church Template v2 here] … [Read more...]

Communicate – Presentation Template [OpenOffice Impress]

An old-style telephone adds a monochromatic charm to this presentation. I hope you like this one! [Download the Presentation Layout Here] … [Read more...]

Free Impress Template – Chinese New Year

Here is another free template for presentations – I have created in in a ODP file as I am currently working out templates in OO3+. Click on the image below to download the presentation. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

New Impress Template – School Desk / Notepad

Click on the image below to download the Desk and Notepad template. … [Read more...]