FAQ: How do print ranges and scaling modes work together in OOo Calc?

Amazon affiliate: Open Office .org 3 WRITER Guide: OpenOffice.org 3.0, 548 pages Recently I had a colleague that wanted to define multiple print ranges on a sheet, and have each separate range print out and fit one to page. I've put together a tutorial for this below, and please note the behaviour of the scaling with the print ranges under Step 4. Step 1 - Define the first range Click and … [Read more...]

OpenOffice.org 3.2 – Guide to Programming in OOo Basic [How-to Guide]

The guide linked below provides an introduction to programming with OpenOffice.org Basic. It includes examples to help you quickly develop your own OpenOffice.org Basic programs. It is recommended in the preface that you have a familiarity with other programming languages, however it does start with some very basic examples, so anyone familiar with writing macros in MS Office or other suites … [Read more...]

FAQ: How to sort lists in OpenOffice.org Calc

I addressed sorting in OpenOffice Writer in a previous post, and have since had a request for a tutorial on sorting in Calc, so here it goes. Step 1 Select the entire data range that you want to sort. This includes all the columns that have data that need to be kept in line with the column that you want to sort. Include the headers of the column as well, as OpenOffice will pick these up as … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Spreadsheets – Adding it Up with OpenOffice Calc [Spreadsheet Wiz!]

This post is written for my husband, who loves Excel as a neat way to format data, but has not really discovered the power behind a spreadsheet, which makes it a super-useful tool and not just a pretty way to organise columns or rows. In this article I'll give you a little information to get you started on inserting formulas in your spreadsheet, as well as introduce you to a couple of basic … [Read more...]

Why this is probably the best spreadsheet Gantt Chart Template you’ll find this year [Project Management with OpenOffice & Excel]

Amazon affiliate link: Introduction to Project Management Hubby hit me with a request for a Gantt chart in Excel this week, which is OK. I can colour the background of cells with the best of them! But then I decided to turn this into a project where you get Excel and OpenOffice templates to use, free! As I was putting it together, however, I was starting to wonder if there was a way … [Read more...]

Changing Units of Measure in OpenOffice [inches to cm]

Living in a metric society, it is much more convenient to have OpenOffice talking to me in metric measurements, rather than in empirical measurements. So I had fiddled with locals and other such measurements, however this did not seem to change the values presented when I clicked on Format --> Page. To do this, I followed the steps below: Open OpenOffice Writer Click on Tools --> … [Read more...]

Find-A-Word Template [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This one is a little frivolous, and not too fancy, but a teacher friend of mine asked if I had one of these, so here is a link to the template I use. Hope it's useful! Word-Search Find-a-Word Template (ods) … [Read more...]

Calc can be used as a Simple Database [OpenOffice Calc]

For those interested in using Calc as a simple database, there is a simple step-by-step tutorial available to show you how. From the tutorial: A Calc document is a very capable database, providing sufficient functionality to satisfy the needs of many users. This chapter presents the capabilities of a Calc document that make it suitable as a database tool. Where applicable, the functionality is … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do you use the If-Else Statement in Calc? [OpenOffice Calc Decision Making]

Recently I had a client that wanted to automatically calculate rental increases based on the date that the lease expired. He didn't have a large amount of criteria, so I used an If-Else test to evaluate which percentage increase should be applied to the rental amount. We ended up with a spreadsheet that looked like this: This used two functions: IF(Condition;Perform if TRUE; … [Read more...]

Autofill in Excel is AutoInput in OpenOffice [OpenOffice Calc]

If you are looking for the feature in OpenOffice Calc that automatically fills in cell values based on previously entered values in the same column, this is something that is called AutoInput in OpenOffice Calc. In Microsoft Office Excel, this is called AutoFill. You can see this in action here: In the above illustration, I only type the 'P' and the rest of the word Pears is filled in for … [Read more...]