Transitioning Google Apps [Manage Conflicting Accounts]

I know quite a few people that are going through a little bit of pain at the moment with conflicting accounts on the Google Apps for domains transmission. I also know this is not normally an Office software problem, however I have enough users that use Google Docs and other Google services (like Google Groups and Youtube), that this has become an issue that warrants a solution. If you have no … [Read more...]

Is it time to switch to LibreOffice? [Oracle dumps]

"In a statement issued on Friday, Oracle announced that it intends to discontinue commercial development of the (OOo) office suite. The move comes several months after key members of the OOo community and a number of major corporate contributors forked OOo to create a vendor-neutral alternative." Source: Is it time to switch to LibreOffice? See the Oracle press … [Read more...]

5 Freaky Downloads for Weekend Projects [OpenOffice for Halloween]

Mazon affiliate: Halloween Tricks and Treats (Better Homes & Gardens Crafts) Some downloads in preparation for the Halloween weekend. Get your freak on and put those finishing touches on your Halloween projects with the following downloads. Happy Halloween Address Labels - from the Template Repository. I thought they were really cute! These could also be re-purposed into name stickers in … [Read more...]

DiscoveringOOo has been featured in the OOo-announce newsletter!

This site has been included in the OOo-announce newsletter! Please continue to spread the word and introduce friends, family and co-workers to! Check out more at: and sign up for the newsletter. Also, a big "HI!" to all those who came here from the link in that newsletter. Please take a look around, and check … [Read more...]

Quicklinks: Braille, OOo Draw workaround for PDF, and a convert discusses why he uses OOo

I don't usually post as many links posts within a week, however these are too good to miss! Enjoy! odt2Braille - The release of odt2braille by the Belgian university Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, has brought the ability to work with Braille to The extension adds a "Braille" menu to's Writer which allows users to translate documents into Braille formats such as … [Read more...]

How to Assign Special Characters in OOo [How-to Guide]

Often we need to use special characters that don't appear on our keyboard. For example, my keyboard doesn't have the pound sign (the one used for currency in the UK - £). Fortunately there has been a guide published which will allow you to see various methods for inserting these special characters in So now you can insert all the ¥, ¤, ±, µ you want, using your preferred … [Read more...]

OpenDisc gives you and many other programs on one disc – free!

I'm always on the hunt for good open source resources, and OpenDisc is a fantastic one. Basically it's a site where you can download an ISO disc image and burn it on a CD. It is aimed largely at the education market - students and teachers on a budget, however anyone can download their disc images, and burn a CD. Note that it supports Windows only. You do get a lot in the download, with many … [Read more...] is Free – BEWARE of sites that sell it to you!

I recently saw the post below on Twitter: BEWARE - is free and you can get it from Do not let people con you into paying for it! -- END OF PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ;-) … [Read more...]

5 ways to use for Students [Research, Study & Student Life]

Amazon affiliate: Home and Student Productivity Suite 2010, 2 -CD set, Includes: Complete Office Software for Windows, Antivirus, PDF Tool, Archiver, Disk Cleaning Utility, Rich Clipart Collection and Artistic Fonts Collection One of the cool things about OOo is that it is a free, full-featured office productivity software that can be used across multiple platforms. This is really appealing for … [Read more...]

OpenOffice 3.2: Sizzling!!! [OpenOffice is Sexy]

I'm a geek, so I think the new look for OpenOffice is HOT! Loving it! Download the latest version at … [Read more...]