Calculate an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) using OpenOffice Calc [Financial spreadsheet calculations]

Amazon affiliate: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return: Accounting for Time What is an IRR? IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is the average annual total return from an investment over a specified time period. It is also called the discounted cash flow rate of return (DCFROR) or simply the rate of return (ROR) (Ref: Wikipedia). How can I calculate IRR using Calc? Over at … [Read more...]

Editing Table of Contents in OpenOffice Writer [Forcing Line Breaks]

Amazon Affiliate: How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as Little as 7 Days A year ago on this blog, I looked at a method for forcing line breaks in your table of contents. An alternative method for this is to make your Table of Contents editable. The steps are outlined below, however I caution you with this method - if you Update your Table of Contents, then you will lose your edits (see … [Read more...]

SOLVED – Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users

Earlier this week I posted 3 Options for Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users [Show Stopper]. I'm happy to report over at the reported bug page this is now solved, and for those that are experiencing difficulties you can apply a patch. If you find all the tech-speak a little intimidating, then please proceed to the page of Raphael Bircher who has a handy set of instructions on … [Read more...]

3 Options for Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users [Show Stopper – SOLVED]

Amazon affiliate: Mac Os X-Only Free Software: Textedit, Neooffice, Quicksilver, Camino, Adium, Bean, Colloquy, Shiira, Smultron, Seashore, Texshop, Cog, Growl Update: This issue has now been solved. :) I have been on leave for a month, and came back to a software update for Java 1.6 on my Mac. As usual, I installed it. Unfortunately, the next time I opened OOo to put together a tutorial, I … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do print ranges and scaling modes work together in OOo Calc?

Amazon affiliate: Open Office .org 3 WRITER Guide: 3.0, 548 pages Recently I had a colleague that wanted to define multiple print ranges on a sheet, and have each separate range print out and fit one to page. I've put together a tutorial for this below, and please note the behaviour of the scaling with the print ranges under Step 4. Step 1 - Define the first range Click and … [Read more...]

How to Assign Special Characters in OOo [How-to Guide]

Often we need to use special characters that don't appear on our keyboard. For example, my keyboard doesn't have the pound sign (the one used for currency in the UK - £). Fortunately there has been a guide published which will allow you to see various methods for inserting these special characters in So now you can insert all the ¥, ¤, ±, µ you want, using your preferred … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Creating a Book Layout in OOo Writer Using Page Styles

This is my first attempt at a video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic book layout using Page Styles. Any positive suggestions for improvements are appreciated - please contribute in the comments section. A template is available for download - see the information below. Download >> View the download... To download the file, you will need to be a registered member of … [Read more...]

FAQ: How to sort lists in Calc

I addressed sorting in OpenOffice Writer in a previous post, and have since had a request for a tutorial on sorting in Calc, so here it goes. Step 1 Select the entire data range that you want to sort. This includes all the columns that have data that need to be kept in line with the column that you want to sort. Include the headers of the column as well, as OpenOffice will pick these up as … [Read more...]

Alternative for Find and Replace in Writer – replace paragraph marks, and much, much more!

Thanks to Solveig Haugland, who has posted about this Fantastic Writer extension for searching and replacing carriage returns (two in a row, etc.) with regular expressions, plus much much more. I've installed it, and my days of copying chunks of text to my text editor to do this is over. (I used to cut and paste to text editor as it was faster and easier for me than the regular … [Read more...]

Why this is probably the best spreadsheet Gantt Chart Template you’ll find this year [Project Management with OpenOffice & Excel]

Amazon affiliate link: Introduction to Project Management Hubby hit me with a request for a Gantt chart in Excel this week, which is OK. I can colour the background of cells with the best of them! But then I decided to turn this into a project where you get Excel and OpenOffice templates to use, free! As I was putting it together, however, I was starting to wonder if there was a way … [Read more...]