5 things you should know to master your office software [Microsoft, Mac or Open Source]

Regardless of the flavour of Office Productivity software that you use, be it OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, NeoOffice, Microsoft Office or Apple products including Pages, Numbers and Keynote… there are some basic skills that you should master to be really productive. This post highlights five of these skills. … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Formatting Your School Assignment – just like THEY asked!

It's the pain that a large number of students share: you've received your assignment brief from your school/institution and the content you can write... no problem. But that pesky formatting!!! What is “12-point font”? What does “double line spacing” mean? Some schools even impose penalties (deduct marks) if you don't get this right! This guide has been put together with the aim of removing some … [Read more...]

Spell Checker Issue in Word [Mac versions of Office 2011]

There seems to be a spell checker issue in Word where the following error is reported. On my Mac, this happens most often when I open a file that did not originate from MS Word 2011. If I create a document in MS Word 2011, and leave spell and grammar checks enabled for "as you type" (see below on how to disable this), then I do not get an error. If you do not disable the options below, … [Read more...]

Calculate an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) using OpenOffice Calc [Financial spreadsheet calculations]

Amazon affiliate: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return: Accounting for Time What is an IRR? IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is the average annual total return from an investment over a specified time period. It is also called the discounted cash flow rate of return (DCFROR) or simply the rate of return (ROR) (Ref: Wikipedia). How can I calculate IRR using OpenOffice.org Calc? Over at … [Read more...]

SOLVED – Java Issues on OpenOffice.org for Apple Mac Users

Earlier this week I posted 3 Options for Java Issues on OpenOffice.org for Apple Mac Users [Show Stopper]. I'm happy to report over at the reported bug page this is now solved, and for those that are experiencing difficulties you can apply a patch. If you find all the tech-speak a little intimidating, then please proceed to the page of Raphael Bircher who has a handy set of instructions on … [Read more...]

OpenDisc gives you OpenOffice.org and many other programs on one disc – free!

I'm always on the hunt for good open source resources, and OpenDisc is a fantastic one. Basically it's a site where you can download an ISO disc image and burn it on a CD. It is aimed largely at the education market - students and teachers on a budget, however anyone can download their disc images, and burn a CD. Note that it supports Windows only. You do get a lot in the download, with many … [Read more...]

Why this is probably the best spreadsheet Gantt Chart Template you’ll find this year [Project Management with OpenOffice & Excel]

Amazon affiliate link: Introduction to Project Management Hubby hit me with a request for a Gantt chart in Excel this week, which is OK. I can colour the background of cells with the best of them! But then I decided to turn this into a project where you get Excel and OpenOffice templates to use, free! As I was putting it together, however, I was starting to wonder if there was a way … [Read more...]

Other Open Source Software: OpenProj [Free Project Management Software]

Amazon affiliate: OpenProj: The OpenSource Solution for Managing Your Projects For those that love Open Source software - and OpenOffice is just one of many free Open Source software alternatives out there - you might find that you need project management software to produce Gantt Charts. If that's the case, then try OpenProj. It is a very useful alternative to Microsoft Project, free, … [Read more...]

Communicate – Presentation Template [OpenOffice Impress]

An old-style telephone adds a monochromatic charm to this presentation. I hope you like this one! [Download the Presentation Layout Here] … [Read more...]