FAQ: Locking/Freezing Heading Rows in OpenOffice Calc [and Freezing Columns, too!]

Amazon affiliate: Beginning OpenOffice Calc: From Setting Up Simple Spreadsheets to Business Forecasting Let's say you have a number of rows of data, and you need to be able to scroll or search up and down them, but whenever you do, you lose sight of the headings. These instructions work for Calc in both OpenOffice.org AND NeoOffice. In order to freeze the header rows so that they don't … [Read more...]

5 ways to use OpenOffice.org for Students [Research, Study & Student Life]

Amazon affiliate: Home and Student Productivity Suite 2010, 2 -CD set, Includes: Complete Office Software for Windows, Antivirus, PDF Tool, Archiver, Disk Cleaning Utility, Rich Clipart Collection and Artistic Fonts Collection One of the cool things about OOo is that it is a free, full-featured office productivity software that can be used across multiple platforms. This is really appealing for … [Read more...]

Hey Students! Need a free report and essay template? [Free download]

One of the cool things about OpenOffice is that it is a free, full-featured office productivity software, and this can be really appealing for students, who are often on a limited budget. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when putting together a report or essay, so I have put together this template to assist students in getting started on writing. This should hopefully … [Read more...]

FAQ: How to sort lists in OpenOffice Writer

When putting lists together, sometimes we don't put them in alphabetical or numerical order. Fortunately OpenOffice Writer can help us sort them into order automatically - and relatively easily. Step 1: Highlight all the text that is to be sorted. If that text is in a table, highlight the table (it will sort the rows automatically). Step 2: Select Tools > Sort. Step 3: … [Read more...]

FAQ: How do I add a full page background image? [OpenOffice Writer]

I have a personal goal to put together about 15-20 recipes that can be made using a core set of ingredients that I can keep in the pantry and fridge. I have aimed for such a large number so that I can avoid me and my dearest being bored with food, ensuring we don't resort to take-away and continue to eat in a healthy way. I've only just started collecting the recipes, but the idea of translating … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Spreadsheets – Adding it Up with OpenOffice Calc [Spreadsheet Wiz!]

This post is written for my husband, who loves Excel as a neat way to format data, but has not really discovered the power behind a spreadsheet, which makes it a super-useful tool and not just a pretty way to organise columns or rows. In this article I'll give you a little information to get you started on inserting formulas in your spreadsheet, as well as introduce you to a couple of basic … [Read more...]

Find-A-Word Template [OpenOffice Calc Template]

This one is a little frivolous, and not too fancy, but a teacher friend of mine asked if I had one of these, so here is a link to the template I use. Hope it's useful! Word-Search Find-a-Word Template (ods) … [Read more...]

New Users, Get Orientation for OpenOffice [Newbie School]

For those that are new to OpenOffice, slide on over to World Label.com for OpenOffice Orientation. We've even picked up some tricks ourselves! … [Read more...]

Autofill in Excel is AutoInput in OpenOffice [OpenOffice Calc]

If you are looking for the feature in OpenOffice Calc that automatically fills in cell values based on previously entered values in the same column, this is something that is called AutoInput in OpenOffice Calc. In Microsoft Office Excel, this is called AutoFill. You can see this in action here: In the above illustration, I only type the 'P' and the rest of the word Pears is filled in for … [Read more...]

Conditional Formatting – OpenOffice Calc [MS Excel & Numbers]

If you are interested in applying a format for a cell based on the value in a cell, then you are interested in something called conditional formatting. Below is a tutorial for OpenOffice.org, NeoOffice and LibreOffice users. Links to tutorials for MS Excel and Mac Numbers users are provided at the bottom of the page. This tutorial is designed to assist in setting the formats and applying rules … [Read more...]