SOLVED – Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users

Earlier this week I posted 3 Options for Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users [Show Stopper]. I'm happy to report over at the reported bug page this is now solved, and for those that are experiencing difficulties you can apply a patch. If you find all the tech-speak a little intimidating, then please proceed to the page of Raphael Bircher who has a handy set of instructions on … [Read more...]

3 Options for Java Issues on for Apple Mac Users [Show Stopper – SOLVED]

Amazon affiliate: Mac Os X-Only Free Software: Textedit, Neooffice, Quicksilver, Camino, Adium, Bean, Colloquy, Shiira, Smultron, Seashore, Texshop, Cog, Growl Update: This issue has now been solved. :) I have been on leave for a month, and came back to a software update for Java 1.6 on my Mac. As usual, I installed it. Unfortunately, the next time I opened OOo to put together a tutorial, I … [Read more...]

Calc can be used as a Simple Database [OpenOffice Calc]

For those interested in using Calc as a simple database, there is a simple step-by-step tutorial available to show you how. From the tutorial: A Calc document is a very capable database, providing sufficient functionality to satisfy the needs of many users. This chapter presents the capabilities of a Calc document that make it suitable as a database tool. Where applicable, the functionality is … [Read more...]

Mail Merge – without the address block

When you use the Tools -->  Mail Merge Wizard in OpenOffice, it is quite limiting in that you are restricted to ending up with an address block. The way to insert other fields is not as obvious. I have put together the tutorial below to guide you through my way of tackling a requirement of inserting fields in a document that are merged from a separate data source. These fields do not … [Read more...]

Databases for Other Operating Systems

Yesterday I wrote a brief post on links to visit for converting your Microsoft Access Database to an OpenOffice Base database. This only works for Windows-based installations. For those using database formats such as mySQL, Oracle, etc, you should visit MDB Tools. For some, the best solution might be to open the database on a Windows machine using OpenOffice Base and then convert first prior … [Read more...]

OpenOffice Database Conversion – MDB

For those that have Microsoft Access databases which they wish to use in OpenOffice, this is now supported. There is a wiki page that will give you more information here, however the most often asked question is answered as per the following: Can I use Microsoft Access databases (.mdb) in Base? On Windows: yes. You cannot open them directly via File|Open, but you can access the data therein. For … [Read more...]