Quick Superscript and Subscript in NeoOffice, OpenOffice.org Writer [for footnotes, squared, cubed, etc]

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When you are trying to square or cube something (perhaps you’re quoting cubit feet or cubic metres for a client, or looking at floor space), or adding footnotes for a thesis or writing paper, it’s good to know how to add the super- and sub-script quickly to your cubes and references.

Not sure what I’m talking about – check these examples:

You could go through the menus… Format, character, etc… but the easiest way is to highlight the text you wish to make a superscript or subscript, then Ctrl-Click on the highlighted text.

Then click Style >> and Superscript (or Subscript). See the screenshot below.

Screenshot from NeoOffice

And it works in OpenOffice.org as well…

Style menu in OpenOffice.org


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  1. Luc Deknock says:

    Thanks. I adore explanations that are easy to understand.

    • Well I hope these explanations are easy. :) That’s why I put this site together. Please come back again, or let me know if you have any issues you want solved.

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