FAQ: How to hide columns in OpenOffice.org Calc [Show / Hide]

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In OpenOffice and NeoOffice, you can show and hide rows and columns. This is useful as you may want the data to be included in the sheet, however you may not necessarily want all the data viewable. Note that this does NOT delete the data. It merely hides the column.

Columns of data

You may have columns of data and wish to hide one column from view.

Hiding a Column

To hide a column, right mouse click (or Control-Click for Mac users) on the letter at the top of the column. This will highlight the column, as well as make a menu appear.

Select ‘Hide’ from the menu.

Right click on the letter at the top of the column (header) and select 'Hide'

The column should disappear from view.

Note in the image below, you can see column C and column E, but column D is not visible.

Column D is not visible

Showing a Column (Excel: unhide)

To make the column visible, click on the C and E columns, highlighting them both, and then right click (or control-click) and select ‘Show’ from the menu, like this:

Highlight the columns on each side of the invisible column, then right click (Control-Click) and select 'Show' from the menu

You should now be able to see your column.

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  1. jONATHAN says:

    Can’t figure out how to show the left most column when it is hidden. Suppose Col A in the example above had been deliberately hidden, how would I show it again? you can’t clci on col A because it ain’t there!

  2. This method doesn’t work in OpenOffice.org 3.2.1, OOO320m19 (Build:9505), ooo-build
    Solution (actually in openoffice.org help) is, after selecting column(s), Format->column->hide

  3. I can make the Hide work easily enough, but when I save the file as text/CSV (I really want a PRN, but that is not available) all the hidden columns return, making the output file completely unusable.


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