in the Cloud – Access your Open Office from anywhere in a browser

There has been some speculation as to whether Oracle will release a web-based version of the productivity suite, however two companies have gone ahead and developed solutions for using through a web browser.

OpenOffice Anywhere is charged at US$0.65 per hour, with 15 free minutes as a trial.

Ulteo has 1Gb of free storage for your documents, and requires the Sun JVM to work.

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  1. Thanks for putting this out there. Two small points I thought might help. I navigated to the website and it looks like is $0.65 / hr (not minutes as above). Also, I followed a link on their site to a sister product on google marketplace ( It looks like there they are letting you use OOo with a web browser as a fully integrated add-on to google apps for 6.95/month/user (look at the fine print carefully, it doesn’t look like you can have standard domains for this to work).

    • Hayes – thanks for the correction. Much appreciated. And being able to deploy OpenOffice as part of Google Apps, wow that sounds pretty cool.

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