Video Tutorial: Creating a Book Layout in OOo Writer Using Page Styles

This is my first attempt at a video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic book layout using Page Styles. Any positive suggestions for improvements are appreciated – please contribute in the comments section.

A template is available for download – see the information below.


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  1. Hi, this did help me see “what were they thinking????”

    What would be useful next is a video for one chapter with TWO page styles. I’ve used OO for ten years and written 8 books and still do not get what they were thinking.

    Would be wonderful to include where this page style (?) goes to be part of a Master Doc.

    a screen shot of where all the page styles(?) in a book master doc are supposed to live and appear would be great. Title page; TOC; chapter+first page special, index; bibliography

    OO tutorials are good but quite abstract. A series of screen shots for MANAGING page styles in a master doc would be useful


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