FAQ: How to sort lists in OpenOffice.org Calc

I addressed sorting in OpenOffice Writer in a previous post, and have since had a request for a tutorial on sorting in Calc, so here it goes.

Step 1

Select the entire data range that you want to sort. This includes all the columns that have data that need to be kept in line with the column that you want to sort.

Include the headers of the column as well, as OpenOffice will pick these up as column headings automatically (we’ll see this in the next step).

In the example below, I’ve selected the Vegetables, Quantity and Price columns, including the headings.

Step 2

From the menu, select Data > Sort.

Step 3

You will then be presented with the Sort Box below.

Can you see how the ‘Sort By’ column has picked up the column headings? This makes it easier to select the values that we want to sort by.

Select the name of the column that you want to sort by, then select either Ascending (A-Z,0-9) or Descending (Z-A,9-0).

Then click on OK.

In the example above, I sorted by Vegetable, but I could have equally have sorted by price or quantity.

I hope this answers your question, AC.

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