5 Links to enhance your OpenOffice.org Experience

The following links should be useful if you wish to extend the functionality of your OpenOffice install.

  • To install OO.o 3.2.1 version under Ubuntu, Muktware has these instructions…  Read More »
  • Solveig Haugland comes to the rescue with OpenOffice.org clipart – It’s nice to be able to just pull clip art from within the program. Some users find it difficult to navigate a file system, which is what you need to do if you’re using Insert > Picture > From File. And, frankly, dragging from a nice pane of graphics is easier. Read More »
  • There are proofreading tools / grammar checkers for OpenOffice.org. A few that you may want to look at include these suggestions from Raphael Mudge. Read More »
  • Adding fonts to OpenOffice is done by adding them to your operating system. This how-to looks at adding fonts to Windows and Mac, which will become available in your OpenOffice installation when you restart the application. Read More »
  • Adding MySQL to OpenOffice Base is easy using the MySQL Connector Extension for OpenOffice. Read More »

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  1. This might sound like a stupid question but is the latest version of OOo compatible with Windows 7. I am thinking of getting 2 new PCs for the office

    • stephanie says:

      Not a stupid question at all! There are mixed reports about OpenOffice running on Windows 7. Bottom line appears to be that:

      OpenOffice 3.2 appears to be running better than 3.1
      Windows 7 64 bit results in some error reporting. 32 bit versions seem to run ok.
      If you want more information on this, there are some detailed forums here, here, here, and here.

      I hope this helps.

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