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I have a number of clients who initially have problems understanding the page breaks within OpenOffice. In Microsoft Word we usually insert and then delete using the delete key or backspace.

Page breaks in OpenOffice do require a little bit more fiddling, but once you understand how pagebreaks work, then, in my opinion, you will find this is a more robust solution, giving you more options than the standard Microsoft implementation.

To remove a pagebreak from a document, which may appear like the following, complete the steps below.

Step 1: Click once in the first line on the page that want to remove the page break before. (The first line under the arrow in the image above)

Step 2: Select Format from the top menu, then select Paragraph.

Format, Paragraph

Step 3: Click on the ”Text Flow” tab.

Uncheck the break

Step 4: Uncheck (un-tick) the checkbox next to the work ”Insert” under the heading ”Breaks”. Click on OK.

Your page break will be removed.

Post any questions or problems as comments under this article.

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  1. The “Insert” and “With Page Style” options are greyed out for me, yet there is a page break right before the cursor.

  2. They are greyed out and unselected.

  3. Re – which version of OpenOffice are you using?

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Add to the above: on the paragraph window, the insert and page break boxes are not checked.

  5. Help!

    I had/have this problem. I did as you suggested and voila! It seemed to work! However, when I saved the document it went back to its old, evil, page breaking ways. Only in three consecutive Chapters, and only after on paragraph in each chapter does it do this. The break box was indeed checked and is still unchecked, but it refuses to stay unbroken. Waaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!!

    Thanks for your time and assistance — Dave (8*o)

  6. See above comment : / I used a wrong email addy

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