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Well this site must start with one post, so here it is.

I have a number of clients and friends who have expressed frustration with Microsoft”s products. Not because they are bad, or inferior, but mainly because they are costly. I serve a number of SMEs – and they are mostly S”s (smalls). I know there has been press and a lot of effort gone into by Microsoft to argue about total cost of ownership and such, however the bottom line is that often small organisations do not have the financial resources to purchase the software licences required.

Rather than encourage piracy, I am offering a support mechanism whereby people can ask me questions, or post problems that they are having in converting from MS Office to Open Office, or even in using Open Office as their first office productivity suite.

This site is small because it is brand new – but it will build up over time, and with questions and answers it will hopefully be a comprehensive resources for Open Office users.

Update 11.Nov.2010: this is the first post from Discovering OpenOffice.org. This is now growing, and I am putting together tutorials for Office applications in general – including Google Docs, MS Office, NeoOffice, to name a few. I hope you find this site useful as it continues to expand in different directions, largely driven by the needs of my clients and online users. I’ll put together a contact page if you have any queries that you want to see a solution for – I’ll get to them ASAP.

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