How do I search with a Wildcard in OpenOffice? [Ctrl-F]

Recently I was asked about wildcard searches in OpenOffice – MS Office allows this through the use of Ctrl-F and using the asterisk sign to replace any values inbetween.

Eg. To find,,, in MS office is ctrl+f, then type in the words “http://g*.com”.

Wildcard searches in OpenOffice

For OpenOffice it is very similar.

To find,,, hit Ctrl+F, then type in the words “http://g.*.com”.

Not that instead of using just the asterisk, you now use a full-stop (aka period), and asterisk.


This will find any number of wildcard characters between the letters that you have entered.

If you are searching for just one wildcard character, you use the full-stop (period) only.

Eg. Ctrl-F and enter in “o.en” will find open and oven, but not othen.

If you wish to find 2 wildcard characters, then use two full-stops (periods).

eg. Ctrl-F and enter in “en..y” will find entry and enjoy, but not enoy.

I hope this helps!

At a request from a reader, if you require further information on finding and replacing text, please see the Documentation links below:

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  1. Fine tutorial.Nice piece of work.Could have been more discriptive though.Thanks

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