Recipe Spreadsheet [Keeping Track of Food]

Recently on my Facebook Page, I linked to a site that had a way to link to recipes that you have saved on your computer.

I decided to put together a sample downloadable spreadsheet that you could adapt to your own use, and I’ve included links to recipes on the web and files on my computer. The down-side of using links to websites is that if the recipes move, I will have lost them.

Another adaptation that I’ve made on the article I mentioned above, is rather than using the Sort command [Data –> Sort], I’ve used Autofilter [Data–>Filter–>Autofilter].

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This puts little arrows next to the titles on the spreadsheet. When you click on the arrows, you can then select a value from the drop down box, and the spreadsheet will only show the rows that have the value in it.

For example, if I only want Greek cuisine, I click on the arrow next to the ‘Cuisine’ heading, then click on ‘Greek’. All other rows will be hidden.

To view all the rows again, click on the arrow next to the ‘Cuisine’ heading, and then ‘All’.

Happy Cooking!!

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