Display Formulas in Cells [Calc Tip]

Calc can either show the formula or the results of the formula.
Most of the time you will want to see the results of the formula, however occasionally, especially when you are troubleshooting, it is useful to display the formula itself for each cell.
To do this, follow the instructions below.
  1. Be in a Calc file > Tools > Options (The “Options” window appears)
  2. Click on the + in front of “OpenOffice.org Calc” to open the menu. Click View.
  3. To display formulas, under “Display” put a checkmark before “Formula”. Click OK.
  4. To display the results of a formula, do not have a checkmark before “Formula”.
  5. Click on OK
You should then be able to see the formula for each cell in your spreadsheet.

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