Alternate upgrade software location for Office 2016 for Mac

Recently I was hit with a repeated bar across the top of Microsoft Word saying that one of the advantages of having an Office 365 subscription is that I can get free upgrades to my software. Awesome, fantastic, just click here.

So I did…

I’m a Mac user, so these instructions are relevant to other Mac users. Sorry Windows guys – I’ll post an update if DH ever asks me to upgrade his software.

There are a couple of tricks to navigating this upgrade path.

EDUCATION USERS: If you have Office 365 from your school, college or university, you need to follow the upgrade instructions under Office for Business.


Then follow the instructions… but I came undone around step 2.

It says: “Go to Settings > Office 365 Settings > Software”

I could go to the first two, however my Office 365 Settings page did not seem to have a software link.

If you have this problem, then simply navigate to “Install Status” and then click on “Install desktop applications” as indicated in the image below.


Hopefully you will see the software link that is under “My account” – a friend of mine had it, but for some reason it wasn’t showing on my Macbook Air.



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