Spell check does not work for Mac 2011

If you are having difficulties with spell check Mac in the new Office 365 suite, then it’s probably no surprise – especially if you’re not using Windows and not in the US. However I find that the advice provided on the MS website is actually working for me, so I’d suggest running through the first three steps below. And sometimes it has to be done on documents as you open them (every one). I was getting spell check errors for words like “advise” and “Australia”. Go figure. :(

If the steps below don’t work, you might need to try the other three methods (there are six in all) at the MS page on this issue.


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  1. Thanks You helped me!!!!

  2. Tayla Cadigan says:

    Thank you so much, you saved my life!

  3. starpath says:

    Thank you. This helped for me, and I have noticed in my web-travels many questions relating to this problem. I am so relieved to find this solution.

  4. What in God’s name is wrong with these idiots at Microsoft? What goes on their teeny tiny brains? If I ask for a spelling check, just do a goddamn spell check. Holy crap, they’re so stupid, they’re making a retarded inbred look like Eintesin

  5. I have followed the steps with no help :( When I got to step three and clicked on word then preferences my spelling and grammar check button is grayed out…. therefore I could not click on it. Can someone please tell me what this means and how to proceed?


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