How to Extract Media from PowerPoint Files (works for both Windows and Mac)

Lately I’ve been receiving a number of files in pptx format, but I present using my iPad and so convert these presentations to Keynote. If the slides contain images and text only, this conversion is relatively painless – usually there are just a few formatting and alignment issues that need to be addressed and then I’m good to go. All I need do is open the pptx file in keynote, either on my Mac or iPad, and Keynote handles the conversion quite well.

If, however, the presentation contains media, then this process will not transfer across the video presentations, and I end up with an image snapshot of the video in the slide as a placeholder where the video used to be (or an image of a play symbol, if the media is an audio file).

In order to access media files embedded within pptx files, follow these steps (and they work on both Windows machines and Macs):

Step 1
Make a copy of the pptx file.

Step 2
rename-zipRename the pptx file – change the extension from ‘pptx’ to ‘zip’.

You will probably get a message warning you about the change of extension. Make sure you allow the change so that the file name will end in ‘.zip’.


Step 3
Extract the zip file (or browse the zip file contents). You will see a directory structure now present in the folder. Navigate to ppt > media and all your image and media files will be present. You can now copy these files (and convert, if necessary) for use in other presentation mediums.



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  1. Thank you so much – this is fantastic! Works well and saves so much time!

  2. Thanks for this info, it works very well indeed, a quick and simple way :)

  3. It’s a neat trick, but seems it only gets the images at the size they appear, versus their “100 percent” size.

  4. Very cool; works a treat. Thank you!

  5. Great tip!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Alexa Carreon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! You’ve saved me a great deal of time and stress!
    It works so well!

  7. Great advice. Thanks a lot. Works really well!

  8. Big thanks! Worked instantly and as others have said, very simple yet effective.

  9. You’re the best!

    Older versions allowed you to export as movie – new version doesn’t? weird.

    Anyways, YES YES YES! This worked.

    I’m using Powerpoint 2016 as ell

  10. Thanks for sharing. You are a lifesaver!

  11. You’re a genius! After reading a dozen complicated, mind-numbing and for me worthless posts, your method for mac worked like a charm. I knew a simple method of doing this had to exist – and you described it perfectly. Your method took me 15-seconds to do and couldn’t have been simpler. Thank You!!!!

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