Update notifications for OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 Installations [from Rob @ Apache]

I received this in my email this morning. Get your Upgrade!

We have enabled the upgrade notification server for OpenOffice.org 3.3.0.  By default OOo 3.3.0 checks for updates once a week.  When an upgrade is available, a dialog pops up and notifies the user about the update, and directs them to a website where they can learn more and download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.

The update notifications are HTTP GET requests to an openoffice.org address, using standard ports and protocols. So no special administrative action should be required to enable receipt of these notifications.

If you are an OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 user and have not received an upgrade notification yet, you can manually check via the “Check for Upgrades” item in the Help menu in OpenOffice.  Or, go directly to http://download.openoffice.org to download Apache OpenOffice  3.4.0.



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