How to Add a Tick Symbol ✓ to Writer documents [LibreOffice, OpenOffice]

To insert the tick (✓) symbol into a Writer document, follow these instructions.

From the menu (in Windows and Mac) click on Insert –> Special Character.

From the Font dropdown, you need to select a font that will include the tick symbol. Times New Roman does NOT include this symbol. One font to use is OpenSymbol.

Select OpenSymbol and then scroll down until you see the tick symbols – see screenshot for an example.

You can double click on the symbol to insert into your document, or click once on the symbol and then click ‘OK’.

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  1. This is different sometimes, it could be also under: Zapf Dingbats instead of OpenSymbol.

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    Seven and a half years ago you wrote “Removing Page Breaks – OpenOffice Writer”.

    Unwanted page breaks have been the bane of my use of OO Writer for at least 7 years.

    I followed your instructions (full of broken image links, BTW) yet they assume that Format | Paragraph | Text Flow | Breaks | Insert is checked. On both the last line of the “previous page” and the first line of the “next page” the Insert is UNchecked, yet the insidious page-break remains. Any other ideas?

    PS: I couldn’t see how to comment on that page.

  3. PPS – i don’t mind if you move this comment over to

  4. I have googled, “how to add a tick box” in Libre Office writer. You suggest I select the font OPEN SYMBOL. However there is no font named open symbol, what others can I use

    John Stevens

  5. whoops! Not in my version of LibreOffice Writer ( as of time of writing (2015-08): jumps from U+2265 to U+2302…. wonder where these chars have gone?

    • Indeed – that is strange. Have you tried reinstalling LibreOffice?
      I would probably post that on the site as that sounds like it might be something installation specific. You might want to specify your operating system (Win/Mac/Linux/etc), and language that you are installing in, as that is all I can think that might be affecting this.

      • John Haggerty says:

        I have the same problem as Mike when inserting in Calc but get the tick symbols in Writer at U+2713 & U+2714 (ignore the rather confusing U+22EE shown above). There are other ticks at U+2705, U+E007, U+E209, U+E20A, U+E330, U+E4C2, U+E4C4, U+E52F and U+E531. At least some of these can be copied from Writer and Pasted into Calc – I haven’t tried all of them. And you could always cheat by using one of the square root symbols. Unfortunately I can’t use ctrl/shift/u to enter unicode in Calc or Writer, but that’s another story.

  6. Just scroll through a list of 1000 tiny symbols until you find the one you are looking for! It’s so genius, it’s retarded. Bad design. This is a bug that should be fixed.

    • Guy… I agree and have the same gripe when it comes to emojis. Companies should add tags and search to enable easier finding.

  7. Thanks .. i got it

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