Hide Zero Values in LibreOffice Calc and Excel

Sometimes you don’t want the zero values to show in your spreadsheet. Different Office programs can handle this in different ways. Below are some examples.

Do you have any way that you remove zeros from your spreadsheets? If so, please feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

OpenOffice / LibreOffice

OpenOffice / LibreOffice has the option to hide the zero values entirely.

Open a new spreadsheet and then click on OpenOffice –> Preferences (in a Mac) or Tools –> Options (in Windows).

Click on LibreOffice Calc in the left menu. Then click on ‘View’.

In the options pane for Calc –> View, under the display group, untick the ‘zero values’ box (see screenshot below).

This will result in the cell showing blank if a zero is entered (as per the screen shot below).

Excel (Microsoft Office)

On the Home ribbon, in the Number section, select ‘Accounting’ from the drop down box (see screenshot below).

This will result in the zero being converted to $-.


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  1. cannot find how to show/hide themes in calc

    • Jerry – I have put together a tutorial that hopefully will assist you. Please see here. Apologies for the delay – I have a bit of a backlog.

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