Matching Colours in Microsoft Office [Powerpoint, Word & Excel]

I got a call from DH yesterday saying that all his greens didn’t match in his presentation, and could I help him out?

“Easy, peasy,” said I. :)

Here’s how you do it!

In this case I was working in Powerpoint, and needed to get to where you can format the background colour of the items that needed changing. Usually to do this I right-click or Control-click (Mac) on the item (in the example below it was a shape, but it could be a table or text) and select ‘Format Shape…’ (or Format Text / Paragraph / Table).

Look for the “Fill” options on the left hand side of the pop-up box. This refers to Fill Colour. (See (1) in the screenshot below.)

From here you click on the ‘Solid’ pane at the top (2), then click on Color –> More Colors… (3), as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Now you should have the option to select colours.

Click on the left most colour selector icon (indicated in the screenshot below, the one that looks like a multi-coloured ball). Then click on the colour selector crosshair – it looks like a magnifying glass.

You can then position the crosshair over any colour in your presentation. To select a colour, just click anywhere on your presentation that has the colour that you want to copy.

The colour will then be selected in the colour block, and you can click OK, then OK again and your colour should be updated to match.

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  1. This helped me a lot! Thank you. I needed to match my company logo color. This showed me how to do this! Thank you!

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