Question: Why does the header row keep moving when I sort?

In a previous post I have answered a question about sorting lists in Calc.

This usually has no problems, but every now and then an occasion occurs where Calc doesn’t recognise that the first row is a header row.

To deal with this, in Step 3 of the previous tutorial you need to click on the Options tab and ensure that the “Range contains column labels” tick box is checked (or ticked). Then you can continue to specify your sort criteria and sort your data.

Thanks to JDA for the question.

This also works in LibreOffice as well.


  1. Wow – thanks for this… Was trying to work out what I was doing wrong! Thanks!

  2. My question is, why would you highlight the header cell in the first place? Why wouldn’t you just highlight all the cells you want to sort and leave the header cell un-highlighted so it would never be an issue?

    Now, because people insist on doing this, they have made this default setting, and all of us who just highlight what we actually want to sort have to go into a menu, navigate to a tab and uncheck this option. And the program forgets this so it has to be done each and very time. Bad coding.

    • I think if I have 30 columns (which I have had many in some spreadsheets), I want to be able to refer to the column names, rather than have to go and record the column, especially for multiple sorts … “OK, the first sort I want is column B, then the next is AA, and the last is V” – this makes it easier to do so without having to scroll through those and record the columns first.

      But I see your point on smaller spreadsheets.

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