Read ODS, ODT & ODP Files on your iPhone or iPad

I always struggle with opening open format documents on my iPhone – Apple doesn’t have this as a standard format that other applications can use.

I don’t know of any applications that can edit Open Document Format files, however recently I downloaded the IBM Lotus Symphony Viewer. This works a treat in at least allowing me to view the data inside, which is certainly better than having to email someone and ask them to save into a different format (PDF or the Microsoft equivalent) just so I can see the data in the file.

And thankfully, it’s free. :-)


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  1. Perfect for iPhone! Many thanks!

  2. Thanks, very helpful!

  3. Very nice for .ods files viewing :) thanks :)

  4. Hi guys this app (IBM Lotus Symphony) is allowing me to see the power points but the were in wrong orientation and I was missing some of the content on the slides. As you can’t zoom in or out the only way is to swipe the slides but that takes you to next one.

    I couldn’t find a way to change the settings of the IBM App so I gave up and spent half an hour trying to find a more suitable app. There are aplenty of them (at least 10) which will do the job but they cost from $5 to $15 Australian. There were a couple for 1.99 but I didn’t trust them by the looks (didn’t try).

    Finally I found OOReader. Its for IPAD and works a treat. The slides takes a minute to load on the app but once there they work like magic (Just to read – no editing allowed). The orientation of the slides changes with movement of IPAD. so thats great. There is a free version with adds. They ask 2 Dollars and something cents for an ad free update. The ads are at the bottom and not super annoying so I will continue using this occasionally to read my files on train. Just wanted to share this (and save half an hour of their time) with some one searching for the same like me. Search of ooreader (not zero but alphabet ‘o’) I found it by searching Libre Office.

    All the best.

  5. Dr.Aravind says:

    Hi, is this app still present?? Unable to find this . Pls help. Thanks in advance. Dr.Aravind.

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