, LibreOffice & NeoOffice on Mac Lion OSX – Part 2

Note: For those that don’t have a Mac, we’ll be back to regular programming shortly. :)

On Thursday I did a quick take on what my experience was on, LibreOffice and NeoOffice after installing Mac OSX Lion. There is a website that can assist you in identifying programs that work with Lion OSX – including our favourites!

Is your app compatible with Lion OSX? Check

Basically, as pointed out in the post on Thursday, you may need to upgrade your Java installation. If your / LibreOffice or NeoOffice installation is not working, then check your version against the version that is on the Roaring Apps website.

At the time of this post, the following is listed on the Roaring Apps site.

App Version  Compatible? 3.3.0 Works fine
LibreOffice 3.4.0 Works fine
NeoOffice 3.2 Patch 4 Some problems
Microsoft Office 2011 14.1.2 Some problems
Pages 09 (iWorks) 4.1 Works fine
Keynote 09 (iWorks) 5.1 Works fine
Numbers 09 (iWorks) 2.1 Works fine

If you are having problems and the Roaring Apps table says your app should ‘work fine’, then check plugins, extensions and other apps that connect to your Office software. It could be the problem that is causing the issue, not the Office software itself.

If you want more detailed information on what ‘some problems’ means for Microsoft Office 2011, check out this post on the website.

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