5 things you should know to master your office software [Microsoft, Mac or Open Source]

Regardless of the flavour of Office Productivity software that you use, be it OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, NeoOffice, Microsoft Office or Apple products including Pages, Numbers and Keynote… there are some basic skills that you should master to be really productive.

This post highlights five of these skills.

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts to improve your speed in performing tasks
    Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys pressed together, usually done to gain access to something you would normally do using the menus. For example, instead of selecting Edit >> Copy, you can use CTRL-C (or COMMAND-C for Mac users). They keyboard is faster than using a mouse, and with practice this can save you heaps of time.
  2. Insert images within your word processing document to give it that WOW! factor
    Text by itself is dull. If you are not sure how to add images that you have downloaded or created, check out the tutorial above for how to insert images in your word processing document (and the steps are the same for spreadsheets and presentations in OpenOffice/LibreOffice).
  3. Use conditional formatting in your spreadsheets to highlight values or patterns with numbers
    Conditional formatting is where you change the format of the cells in your spreadsheet based on the values inside a cell. For example, if you have a spreadsheet where you show the profitability of each product, you can set the conditional formatting to show the line in red whenever the profit falls below, say, 10%.
  4. Know how to insert a Table of Contents into your document
    You can add a table of contents that can automatically update based on the content of your document. This makes the page references in your table of contents (TOC) very accurate. Click on the link above to learn how to insert a TOC in OpenOffice and Microsoft Word.
  5. Insert tables in your document
    Tables are useful as a formatting tool, as well as for presenting information. This tutorial will teach you how to insert a table in your document.

If you master the above skills, you will start to see improvements in speed as well as the look and function of your Office documents.

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