How to Compress your PDF files [, NeoOffice & LibreOffice]

I am currently spending a lot of time working on Macs, and one of the beautiful things about Macs is that the export to PDF function has been available for AGES as part of the print process. Usually in Windows you have to install something like Bullzip or Primo PDF (I prefer Primo PDF as it has the capability to append files to existing PDFs).

One of the options that is not available in the print PDF menu is to compress the PDF, however, NeoOffice and LibreOffice all have the capability to compress images within the PDF so that you can reduce your file size for emailing.

First, open your document / spreadsheet / impress slides.

Then from the menu, select File >> Export as PDF…

You will then see the PDF options box. From here you can select the JPG compression of your images. Remember the lower the quality, the higher the compression, and the blockier your images will look (lower quality). But you do get a smaller file size.

For example, I took at 3.7Mb Powerpoint file

  • 100% JPG quality resulted in a 1.7Mb file
  • 70% JPG quality resulted in a file size of 487Kb

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